The word contrast ratio pops up everywhere while looking for an outdoor projector, but only a few know about it. So, if you are one wondering what does the contrast ratio on a projector mean? Here is the answer to your question in immensely simple everyday language. It is all about witnessing the very particulars of an image presented on the screen. In other words, it is the ratio between the brightest white and the darkest black of an image on the projector screen expressed in numbers. It is one of the most important factors when looking for a quality projector.

The simple thing is, the higher the contrast ratio the better because if the contrast ratio for outdoor projector is high it means the image will have crystal clear and incredibly rich details. Though, projectors with high contrast ratios are expensive as compared to the one having low contrast ratio.  Contrast ratio is presented numerically like 3,000:1, where the number 3,000 show the white and the 1 show the black. Means the white of the projected image is 3,000 times brighter than it’s black.

People use projectors in every sphere of life, from businesses to homes; that is why its specification varies from purpose to purpose. For example, Lumens are a significant concern for business projectors, while contrast ratio is usually the primary concern for home theater projectors. So, you need to define your purpose first than the specifications you want in your projector. Just keep in mind that high contrast ratio video projector will generate an image with properly defined whites and deep black, mean the projector will produce images with depth. It will not be wrong to say; high contrast ratio makes 2 dimensional images to appear like the 3 dimensional images and that is all we are looking for.  

What is the ideal contrast ratio for Outdoor Projector?

Contrast ratio and projectors are closely linked, though there is no universal formula to understand what contrast ratio is good for a projector. It mainly depends on the environment you are going to set the projector in. If you are looking for contrast ratio for home theater projectors placed in a dark room then, you need low contrast ratio for outstanding images. However, in bright properly lit rooms you need higher contrast ratio because of the additional lights that may interfere with the quality of the images being projected on the screen. There is no ideal contrast ratio as there is no ideal situation in which the content will be viewed every time, so it varies accordingly.

Moreover, the idea of perfect contrast ratio is also considered as an individual choice. What looks good to you may not be as perfect to your partner as it is for you. However, a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 is considered ideal especially for the beginners, as the higher the better is the simple rule. Experts consider light as biggest enemy of the contrast that is why it is advised to always invest in a bright projector. Actually, bright projectors minimize the effect of the extraneous light. Do not get worried, you can buy a projector with such a high contrast ratio of10, 000:1 easily under $500 and will be perfect for your outdoor movie nights as well as your business presentations.